Bought it Wrong: Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Oil

There is really nothing wrong with this product – the oil works great in my lawnmower – but after purchasing it I discovered something about buying certain products on Amazon that will save you money in the future.

Book Review: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

There are currently over 54,000 different books on marriage at Amazon.  If you’re like us and you’re interested in keeping your marriage together and beating our country’s 40% divorce rate, you know that marriage takes work.

Newman’s Own Organics Organic California Raisins Product Review

As we’ve noted before, Amazon is a great place to buy certain types of groceries, notably non-perishable items and organic foods.  Unless you have unlimited income, you’ll find that organic products are typically anywhere from 10%-100% more expensive than their “conventionally” produced counterparts if you buy them in the store. 

BuyitRight! Charitable Donations Increase 100%

Because of your faithful purchases through our site, BuyitRight! is proud to announce that we are now able to give 20% of gross site proceeds directly to charity!

Scosche kickBACK g4 iPhone 4 Case (for AT&T and Verizon) Product Review

Well folks here you have it – a first for BuyitRight!  While I wholeheartedly endorse Bill’s recommendation of the Speck Candyshell line of cases for the iPhone 4, when I went hunting for the perfect iPhone case for my needs, I landed on a slightly different product.

New Page! The New Grocery Store: Buying Groceries Online

Buying Groceries Online We just posted a new page about how, why and where you can buy groceries online through Amazon.  Here’s a synopsis, click the image or any link to read the full article.

  • Family Finance

  • BuyitRight’s Family Finance Manifesto

    BuyitRight’s Family Finance Manifesto

      We’re excited to bring our first post on family finances to the site!  These 10 principles guide our families through these difficult economic times.  You can read about them here: BuyitRight! Family Finance Principles.

  • Man Soap.

    Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Soap Review

    I’ve been using Dove Men + Care soap for about 5 months, and I love this stuff.  It smells great, but not too strongly.  I don’t like soaps that smell so much your co-workers can tell from several cubes down when you’ve arrived in the morning.

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